Comparing document size data

This demo evaluates the various methods used by jQuery to figure out the document size.

A 30px margin and a 30px padding have been added to the body so that body size doesn't accidentally coincide with document size.

Display the content area

The true document size, calculated using a wrapper div for the content and the window size:
Sanity check. The reported window size is:
The document size reported by jQuery: $( document ).width(), $( document ).height()

Now here's what the various document properties are telling us. jQuery will simply pick the largest value, and this approach doesn't work reliably for most versions of IE.

d.dE.clientWidth, d.dE.clientHeight
d.dE.scrollWidth, d.dE.scrollHeight
body.scrollWidth, body.scrollHeight
d.dE.offsetWidth, d.dE.offsetHeight
body.offsetWidth, body.offsetHeight

Finally, this is what a plugin containing a fix returns:

$( document ).trueWidth(), $( document ).trueHeight()